School Board

Re-organization on January 16, 2020

Chair – Mrs. Betty Christopher

Vice Chair – Mrs. Gayle Sterrett

Clerk – Mrs. Donna Booth

Deputy Clerk –  Shelley Vanlandingham

Regular Board Meeting – Second Monday of each month at 6 p.m.  Closed meetings  at 5 p.m. as needed.

Regional Special Education Joint Board Member – Mrs. Dana O’Bier

Northern Neck Technical Center Joint Board Member – Mrs. Dana O’Bier

Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Joint Board Member – Mrs. Gayle Sterrett.

Virginia School Board Association Delegate – Mrs. Betty Christopher

Virginia School Board Association Alternate Delegate – Mrs. Gayle Sterrett

School Board Liaison to NCEA – Mrs. Gayle Sterrett

Compliance Officers for the following NCPS Policies:
Policy JB - Equal Educational Opportunities/Non-Discrimination
      Policy JBA - Section 504 Non-Discrimination Policy and Compliance  Procedure
     Policy GB -  Equal Employment Opportunity/Non-Discrimination  
Compliance Officer - Mr. Adam Letizia
Alternate Compliance Officer - Mrs. Sophronia Smith