Back To School Online Paperwork

Back-to-School Online Paperwork
in the PowerSchool Parent Portal

Northumberland County Public Schools (NCPS) parents/guardians can now submit online the required Back-to-School forms for their child/children easily and conveniently using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 

Parents must use a browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).  The PowerSchool App cannot be used to complete forms. 


Step 1. Log into the Parent Portal and click on Forms on the left menu.

Click Preferences on the right of the screen to set up your email notifications. You’ll only need to do this the first time you enter Forms.

: From the Enrollment tab, Start filling out the following forms:

Form A - CURRENT Students returning from last year

Verify and make corrections to the information.

Form A1 - NEW Students not enrolled last year. Complete all

Form B - NEW Students only- Answer all questions on the form

Form C  - NEW Students only-  Verify and make corrections to the information found here. This form can only be submitted once.

Form D - NEW Students only- Complete and sign.

Form E - All Students- update all parent/guardian & emergency contact information

Form F- Complete and sign-This form can only be submitted once.

Form G - Complete this entire form. 

Form I - Verify that you have completed all forms and SUBMIT

Once you have submitted Form I, the registrar at your child’s school will be notified. This form will show PENDING until the registrar reviews all forms and approves.