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Student & Staff Safety Top Priority
Posted on 05/25/2022
Student and Staff Safety

May 25, 2022

Dear NCPS Families, Employees, and Community:

We are deeply saddened and shocked by the news of another tragic school shooting, which took place yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families -- there are no words to convey the sorrow we feel for the lives lost and those forever changed.

Please be assured that student and staff safety remains our top priority every day. We have processes in place and work closely with the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Beauchamp to keep our schools safe. 

Each of our schools employs a dedicated School Resource Officer: SRO Keith Wilson at Northumberland Elementary School; SRO Kevin Keeve at Northumberland Middle School; and SRO Jesse Lee at Northumberland High School. We thank them for their dedicated service and commitment to our school communities. In addition, every main school entry is limited by a secure buzzer access system. This school year, NCPS has implemented metal detection.

As your superintendent, I communicate regularly with Sheriff Beauchamp to ensure collaboration in supporting the needs of Northumberland County Public Schools. In the wake of this incident, the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office is providing special attention to our schools. 

We frequently assess our safety protocols to ensure timely improvement if needed. Each year, NCPS takes steps to evaluate the safety of our schools, campuses, and transportation. We partner with law enforcement, the community services board, the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, and the Virginia Department of Education to make sure we are following best practices. 

Each summer, we send a team, including our SROs, to Hampton to participate in the School Safety Training Forum. Topics reviewed include, but are not limited to, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Active Attack; DARE updates; DCJS Data, DCJS Resources; De-escalation; Handle With Care; Mental Health Supports and Trauma Informed Practices; School Crisis Management Planning in Action; etc. 

These trainings help to inform our Crisis Management Plan which is approved by the School Board each year and submitted to the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety and with our local law enforcement.

The See Something, Say Something Anonymous Reporting System is designed especially for all students, parents, community members, and staff to report concerns of potentially unsafe behavior. This is the best tool for our stakeholders to report anything, other than reporting an incident directly to a school administrator or school personnel. This system is monitored 24/7.

School counselors and our school psychologist are here to assist any student who is in need of support during the school day. These professionals also stand ready to connect parents/guardians with community resources.

Every day, you entrust us with not only your students’ academic development, but also their safety and protection. We are committed to doing our absolute best every day.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Please continue to pray for the victims of Robb Elementary School.


Dr. Holly Wargo, Superintendent

Northumberland County Public Schools

Cells: (804) 994-1349 

[email protected]