Continuity of Learning Plan

Continuity of Learning Plan


Northumberland County Public Schools (NCPS) is committed to providing engaging learning experiences for students during a division closing. As a result, the Department of Instruction has developed a Continuity of Learning Plan to ensure the continuation of learning experiences at home.

What? NCPS Continuity of Learning Plan

Who? All NCPS students will be provided continuity of learning experiences.

Where? The NCPS learning management system, Google Classroom, or other platforms with which students are accustomed to receiving instruction, will be utilized to provide learning experiences and communication with students during the school closing.

How? Teachers will provide continuity of learning experiences for all students. Continuity of learning experiences submitted by students should be reviewed by teachers to provide on-going feedback to students and to inform instruction. These experiences will not result in students being penalized in any way. Teachers will be available during office hours to provide support and offer feedback to students. A family checklist is included below to support continuity of learning experiences for families.

NCPS appreciates your support in ensuring learning continues during school closings. We will remain flexible as we work with our staff, students and families during and after our absence from school. 

A list of frequently asked questions regarding NCPS and COVID-19 can be found here.